Effortless Live Streaming for your Community

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A Full Service Solution


Our specially designed HD cameras are permanently installed at your venue.


Our nationwide network of Game Producers remote control and switch cameras to produce any type of event.


All Events are available Live and On-Demand on a unique landing page or your own web site.

No Limits, the only Mobile solution with Camera Internet Power Operator included

Every mobile unit has multiple 4G LTE services built in and bonded together to maximum bandwidth in remote places.  An ethernet WAN port can also be used where available.

Each kit includes a 4 hour rechargeable battery pack for on the go power.  Broadcast your outdoor sports and events from even the toughest areas.

Like all LocalLive cameras, the mobile unit is completely remote operated.  Once powered on, the unit calls back to a LocalLive Game Producer who takes control. 

Same rugged and all weather HD camera as our installed units, with 7 ft and 16 ft tripods available.  Broadcast from where no cameraman could ever go.

We're Growing

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Work from home, Become a Game Producer

Do you love sports, have a gaming computer, a game controller, and solid Internet access.  Produce games from home for extra cash.  Join our nationwide production crew.