Sports Camera

LocalLive’s flagship camera is designed for the ultimate sports experience.  The protected dome, 4G LTE connectivity, and HD, 30X zoom lens provides amazing picture at a fraction of the cost of a videographer.

Chapel Camera

A smaller version of our sports camera, our theater camera provides the same great picture quality in a smaller, more discreet, package.  Direct XLR connections, and HDMI out makes this the most versatile unit in our line up.

Mobile Unit

No Limits.  LocalLive’s one of a kind mobile unit takes the power of our installed cameras on the road.  Multiple 4G carriers, a 4 hour battery pack and a choice of tripods.  This camera sets up in 2 minutes and can film any sport in the most extreme of conditions without the need of a camera operator.


When it’s time for that super special event, LocalLive’s nationwide network of videographers are armed with the latest equipment and the most reliable bandwidth solutions in the industry powered by LiveU