Private Schools

Keep your parents, siblings, grandparents and alumni close with Live Streaming of all events.  Increase admissions, donations, use clips for marketing and promotion of your students and school.


Public Schools

The community supports you, give back by allowing parents and students to never miss a game or event.  Show off your new stadium, raise funds through sponsorships and giving.  Best of all, give your students great video of their finest school moments for college admissions and lifetime memories.

Houses of Worship

Your parishioners will never miss a service again.  Broadcast every Sunday on your own website.  Collect donations online, attract younger attendees, make services available to the ill and those long distance.  The best part; no tripods, wires or camera operators to disturb your physical attendees.


Move your city or town meetings online to allow all your citizens to engage.  City Council, Board of Education meeting, election candidate debates, and much more.  Watch true democracy in action in your local municipality while adhering to local laws.