Connect Your Community with Live Video

The turnkey solution to quickly build your school’s own custom video network.

Benefits to Public Schools


Your community support you, give them something back by offering live streaming of all your school events.  Let Grandparents and Parents who can’t attend functions, former students, and community members in general see the great things happening in their district.


Booster clubs and local businesses are always looking for ways to support their communities.  The LocalLive system can support banner ads, commercials, and voice ads that help support student activities.


Give your coaches the video they need to break down games and analyze plays to build better teams.  Give your High School students the recruiting videos they need for college. Give all families permanent access to the memories they have made.


Need a new stadium for the High School, more members for the PTA?  Video is a great way to get messages out to your community about what’s going on at school and how they can help.


Parents, students and faculty love sharing clips on social media.  Get people talking about how great your district is.  Show off the great work of your students on all platforms.


Board of Education, PTA, even back to school nights will never be a hassle for parents again.  Keep all events connected with Live Streaming from all your venues.

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