All Your Sports And Activities LIVE

Your school’s own custom video network for families, students, fans and alumni

Benefits to Colleges


Keep your families, students, and alumni connected to your school using live video.  Broadcast sports, arts, guest speakers and all school events on your own custom video network.


This is your network, meaning all ticket revenue and donations collected through the platform go straight to your school.  Sell tickets to games, or simply ask for donation from free viewers, sell sponsorship, you set the price.


Our system makes it affordable to cover all sports.  Men’s, Women’s, Football, Field Hockey, Basketball, or even Lacrosse.  All at your desired production level, from a single camera, to large four camera shoots with announcers.


With multiple schools in the league installed, every game (not just home games) appear on your portal.  Also our Mobile Unit, makes remote games a breeze.


The biggest event in your student’s college career is their commencement, don’t let, rain, heat, or world events keep that special day from happeng or from everyone attending.


The best part about this is that equipment, staffing, installation and even customer service is all handled.  Never worry about your broadcast again.

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