Music, Dance, Guest Speakers, graduations, drama, and more

Showcase your arts

Give your community the best seat in the house by live streaming your theater events. Our non-intrusive camera system mounts in any theater or auditorium.

Archival recordings

Even if licensing prevents the broadcast of a particular show, LocalLive can help you record a copy for archival purposes (proper license required).

Hassle-free music

Worried about copyrighted music? LocalLive works with copyright holders to make sure artists get paid for the use of their works in the broadcast.

Crystal Clear sound

We tap right into client sound systems to ensure viewers get the best possible sound. The system also includes an ambient microphone for unplugged band/orchestral performances.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, our cameras were designed for all types of lighting scenarios.  While spotlights will still wash out performers without stage makeup, our system uses state of the art technology to adapt to them.

Unless you have written permission from the creator, or the show is public domain (e.g. Shakespeare) most dramatic performances cannot be broadcast.  However many shows offer Archive Only licenses so that performers can have a recording of their hard work.

Yes, Close Captioning can be made available upon request.

Yes, LocalLive systems have live HDMI and SDI feeds for monitors over overflow rooms.

No, the camera is only recording during a scheduled event, and Producers do not have access to the camera outside of event times.