Every Game
Every Time
Cameraman included

Unlimited Games

Varsity, JV, Freshmen and more. Broadcast as many games as your organization has on that venue.

Connect to Play-by-Play

Know an up and coming Sportscaster? All our venues have a simple plugin for play-by-play announcing during the game.

On Screen Scoreboard

A built-in second camera captures the scoreboard and clock for viewers at home and at work.

Coaching Tool integration

At the end of each game, the video file can be delivered to you via download or automatically uploaded to your favorite coaching tool.

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Frequently asked questions

We ask for a preliminary schedule at the beginning of each season.  Then our Client Success team monitors your schedule, website, and brackets to see track changes.  Clients can log into their portal or email our team to make any changes.  Clients will receive daily emails with the upcoming schedule to make sur everything goes smoothly. 

LocalLive does not charge or require advertisements for viewers to watch client content.  All broadcasts are available based on client rules.  If a client chooses to charge or have sponsorship for it’s content LocalLive can help process payments and facilitate ads. 

LocalLive Game Producers are instructed to pan away and not record players receiving medical attention.  In the case of a disciplinary event, LocalLive will remove the recording of the event from the archive and deliver the clip to the client.

Clients maintain ownership of all video LocalLive is contracted to produce.  Clients may edit, redistribute, restrict access to, and delete any video.

Yes, many or our client schools have students and even staff that are Game Producers.  We do our best to reserve your school’s games to your students we encourage everyone to produce games for our nationwide network of clients.