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Get automated highlights by team pushed to you after every game

never miss a game

Receive alerts of upcoming games and tune in on the app to watch live and on-demand

Player Tracking Technology

Follow favorite players and automatically create personal highlights

Create Custom Highlights

Edit video, create clips, and add music for custom highlights and recruiting reels


For LocalLive Schools


Per month(Beta Price)

Frequently asked questions

iOS and Android are available now.

The LocalLive app allows you to watch all home games at your LocalLive member school live and on-demand.  Plus, you get automatic game highlights and you can easily create personalized and custom highlights by game, sport or season.

The app is available for download on the App Store. Once you download the app just enter the code you get from your school.

You can your access code from your school or contact LocalLive at

Every player, parent and fan associated with a LocalLive member school can use the app. Just request the access code from your school. Non Member teams playing at LocalLive schools can access the app on a subscription basis.

If you are a LocalLive installed school the app is free. If you are a school playing at a LocalLive school, there are options starting at $4.99.

Once you log into the LocalLive app you can add teams and players in your profile.

To follow a player, go to the Account page. Select “Add a Jersey” and enter the number of the player you wish to follow. The system will isolate clips of that player automatically and generate a highlight reel.

There is a schedule of upcoming games in the app and you will receive optional notifications before upcoming games.

It helps is two ways; exposure to other schools and coaches; plus you can create player recruiting video reels right in the app.

Games covered by LocalLive are available live and on-demand.

Its really easy to install cameras at your school and start broadcasting games. Email or call us at 877-355-6225 for more information.