Boys Varsity Water Polo: 33rd Annual Eastern High School Tournament (“B” Division)

Please see below for the schedule of matches.


A1 – Hill School
A2 – Mt St Joseph High School
A3 – St Benedicts Prep

B1 – William Penn Charter
B2 – Landon School
B3 – Pingry School


Saturday November 4:

5:30 pm             B1 vs B2         Penn Charter vs Landon
6:30 pm            A1 vs A2         Hill vs MSJ

Sunday November 5:

8:30 am           A1 vs A3         Hill vs St Benedicts
9:30 am           B1 vs B3         Penn Charter vs Pingry
30 min break
11:00 am         A2 vs A3         MSJ vs St Benedicts
12:00 pm         B2 vs B3        Landon vs Pingry
30 min break
1:30 pm  5th place                     3rd A vs 3rd B
2:30 pm 3rd place                     2nd A vs 2nd B
3:30 pm Championship           1st A vs 1st B

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