4 Non Sports Ways to Utilize Your LocalLive Camera


Envision your LocalLive.tv landing page as a canvas. Turn the Gymnasium into your studio.

While the camera systems in the gym or on the stadium field were primarily installed for athletic purposes, there’s no limit to how your school can utilize the technology already on campus.

Long before the pandemic, LocalLive implored schools to utilize the spaces their cameras were installed for all uses. And now is the time to take advantage.

Here are four ways LocalLive Network schools are already maximizing our digital infrastructure, as well as ideas for your school during the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no limit to the events we can produce:

Guest/Administrator Address

Spiritual Service

Awards presentation


Guest/Administrator Address: Connect a microphone to your LocalLive camera system and immediately begin streaming and recording any public address announcement, educational instruction or guest speaker. Our production team can assist in all levels, including camera positioning and audio.

Awards Presentations: Students and athletes are fearing they will miss out on the special events they were accustomed to every Spring; National Honors Society, Signing Day, Sports Awards Banquet and countless others. Schools can still deliver a digital experience to those students and their families. Plan to host that event in your installed venues and share the broadcast to those who cannot attend. Enhance the production with pre-recorded speeches from coaches or advisers or the students themselves. Be creative. Think like a TV Director.

Spiritual Service: Connecting with your community beyond education and athletics is as important now as ever, especially with many local congregations unable to provide their own services.

Commencement: One of the harshest realities facing students around the world is the Class of 2020. Will there be a graduation? Most schools are grappling with this challenge right now. LocalLive produces dozens of commencements each year. Click here to see tips on ways schools can best host ‘Virtual Commencement’ with features and graphics.

Most of these gatherings will be without an audience in your venues. But you’ll be able to captivate your community through LocalLive with a quality production using a platform your school already has in place. Please do not hesitate to reach out to support@Locallive.tv with any questions or to schedule your next event.