Staying Connected with Video

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Every school across the globe is faced with the same dilemma: How do we remain engaged with our students and community during this pandemic?

COVID-19 has posed some of the greatest challenges in the history of education. School personnel are attempting to remain engaged with their communities, the most obvious method being through their social media. That, however, can be a crowded landscape, especially if you’re trying to connect with students.

On Twitter and Instagram, you’re limited by time. On YouTube and Facebook, you’re bound to their copyright and privacy restrictions. Your channel enables your school to sift through all of that. It affords you the right to post unlimited content without copyright limitations and with any required password and registration protection.

Take advantage of the LocalLive cloud by uploading video content straight to your own school channel. Below are some examples of how LocalLive Networks schools are already utilizing this space:

Educational Instruction

Simply record a video on your phone or camera and submit it to Include a title. Your video will appear on your school channel within minutes.

Student-Generated Programming

Enable your students to tap into their creativity. We watch all of the games. Let’s hear from the students and coaches with interviews and analysis. Again, record and submit to LocalLive.

Pre-Recorded Events

Any events in a non-installed venue are still enabled to be part of your LocalLive channel.

Board of Education Meetings

Delivering information and sharing forum discussion with your communities is crucial. Record you meetings and upload to the LocalLive cloud.

Start taking advantage today of the technology LocalLive has to offer. Simply record your own MP4 video files and share it with us to post permanently on your designated channel. It can be scheduled to be posted ‘as live’ or in the OnDemand archive.

Also remember that you can use your installed LocalLive cameras for any use. Just contact us at to schedule your live-stream or recording.