More Than Just Sports

Music, Dance, Assemblies, 

Showcase athletes and artists alike.

All Weather

LocalLive cameras are permanently installed at your venue, designed to withstand rain and snow.

30X Optical Zoom

Real optical zoom allows for extreme closeups with no pixelation.

HD Video

Real HD lenses for a real HD broadcast

4G Built In

All cameras include powerful bonded 4G service for those far off fields with no Internet

Unlimited Events

Remote controlled cameras can follow any sport, all, levels, as many events as you want.

Captivate Your Congregation

Ask about our service for houses of worship.  Stream weekly services, connect with younger parishioners, take donations online

We're Growing


Work from home, Become a Game Producer

Do you love sports, have a gaming computer, a game controller, and solid Internet access.  Produce games from home for extra cash.  Join our nationwide production crew.

Start Broadcasting Smarter